Openning iPhone Officially

About the title “Openning iPhone Officially”, it does not mean that Apple had just officially released iPhone. Actually it refers that I would like to introduce my iPhone and also to open a new blog category named “My iPhone”. Since a few days ago, I’ve just bought a new iPhone from a famous IT department store in Singapore on April 28th and spent much time to study its underlying mechanism. During these days, I found many interesting techniques posted on Webs and also discovered many techniques (may be not new) by myself. This is my self study and not mainly to discover a new thing. Consequently I think that I should record my study on this blog ( I hope that my records could be at least a benefit for my future retrival and also many iPhone users.


iPhone was officially released in the U.S. and unofficially in many countries. Although iPhone was locked and mainly serviced by only AT&T, it has been unlocked by some communities. Thanks to those developers and hackers who made iPhone really be used by people around the world not only in the U.S. Also thanks to Thai developers who invent Thai fonts and keyboards for iPhone. It’s definitely the benefit for a vast number of Thai iPhone users.

My study source on iPhone is from many websites. I also discovered many techniques by myself. Although they may be not new or even not better ways, I would like to present them here as well. I would like to say that this is the category to record my self study not to invent/to discocver a new thing.  Thanks to,,, and and also those people who posted good techniques encourging me to try many things with more confidence.

Be Cautious

The techniques here were really tested on my own iPhone. I proved that they worked (at least by now); however, I don’t guarantee that they will work on every iPhone. In the worst case, they may harm iPhones to be finally unused. So you should be cautious whenever you need to use the techniques. Furthermore they may be not better than others. If you have better ones, you could give me such information via the comment.

About my iPhone

My iPhone is the 16 GB model. It is firstly preinstalled with the firmware 1.1.4 and also locked. I unlocked mine by iPlus 2.0, thanks to [1][2] for the referenece to do that. Then I reconfigured its file system by my method which I will introduce you on the later post.

iPhone Specification

In fact you can review the specification on [3], but this specification could be changed in the next iPhone model. Hence I present my iPhone spec here as follows

  • Disk Capacity: 16 GB
  • Display: 3.5 inch (diagonal) widescreen Multitouch display with 480×320 pixel resolution at 163 ppi (quite high)
  • Size: 115 mm x 61 mm x 11.6  mm
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • OS: Actually Apple says that it’s Mac OSX. I believe that it’s a kind of Unix but not OSX.
  • Wireless Data: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
  • Camera: 2 megapixels

My Testbed

Whenever finding or discovering techniques, I use my own iPhone, and laptop – MacBook Pro including  both MacOS X Leopard and Windows XP using for connecting and managing the iPhone.

Current Software Inside

Let’s see which software are installed on my iPhone by now. iPhone can split its desktop into many pages. Currently I have 4 pages categorized by their types – Home, Information, Games, and System. The snapshot pictures from my iPhone were captured by the program named “Capture” presented on the System page.

Home Page

Includes most common software that I used often e.g., Calendar, Notes, Camera and Video Recorder, Ditionary, Calculator, etc.


Information Page

Includes software that give me some information e.g., RSS feeds, E-Book reader, Weather forcasting, Maps , etc.


Games Page

Includes Games e.g., Solitaire, Minesweeper, Pool, Labyrinth, etc.


System Page

Includes system/utillity programs e.g., Terminal, VNC (for accessing remote desktop), SummerBoard (for changing iPhone theme), Capture (for capturing iPhone screen), etc.


On the bottom of every page, there are 4 programs including Phone (for call), Mail (for checking emails), Safari (the Internet browser), and iPod (for waching movies and listening musics)



Let’s see some snapshots taken from my iPhone.

“Short message (SMS) are organized like chatting”

“Check instant e-mails from my mailbox”


“iPhone can detect the movement. The left side shows the music playlists. Whenever I rotate iPhone in the horizontal view, their covers are shown like the right side”.

“iPhone includes a software using to locate our position and to give us a direction from one place to another place.”


“My iPhone includes a software for watching youtube video. We can download videos for offline watching”

 “This software looks like X-Term for accessing the Unix shell of iPhone”

“How is the weather in Bangkok on this week?”

“I’m not good in English so I need a dictionary”


See you again

I just need to introduce you my iPhone and the new category “My iPhone” of this blog. See you again on next topic. Bye…




10 thoughts on “Openning iPhone Officially

  1. wearetherock says:

    It’s a Great article.

    I haven’t ever touch any Apple product, but i known there are motive power for many people to hacked and learned ,to know how it work ,Apple products are more special than another.

    I really have two question about iPhone, Is iPhone supported 3g? and Can we upgrade new internal storage?

  2. javaboom says:

    To Wearetherock,

    iPhone 3G will be released soon. Actually AT&T and Apple said that it should be in this year. NOw we cannot upgrade the internal storage even external one. It’s proprietary hardware of Apple. Currently 16GB is quite high for the phone but may be not enough for computer / media player. The higer storage models will be released soon. Currently iPod Touch has released 32GB already. It’s my opinion, the reason why iPhone cannot add more storage is the fact that it’s the price strategy. If iPhone has the price and disk capacity close to iPod touch / other iPods, people will not choose iPod definitely, then iPod will be burried somewhere.

  3. vunknown says:

    OK, that a business strategy iPods will not die.

    I have another question Can we watch TV with iPhone? Now I have a fake NOKIA phone (from china model TV1100i) it a touch screen (not multitocuh) I can watch TV from many Thai station, This phone can receive analog signal.

    How different of network service price between Thailand & Sigapore?

  4. javaboom says:

    Yes I know that many Chinese mobiles mimic many things from good brands. In Singapore, they’re popular too. By the way, iPhone still cannot receive the TV/radio broadcast signal right now. Basically iPhone was designed to mainly work on Internet via WiFi and EDGE. So you could watch TV/Radio programs on iPhone via Internet podcast, cached stream (e.g., YouTube), even any kinds of live streaming media. Currently iPod could watch TV/Radio by using an external device. So I think that iPhone could use the device like this also. But Internet in Singapore is fast enough (and some are free) to view TV/Radio stream via WiFi. For example, the place I live include 8 Mbps WiFi in which I share it with my 2 flatmates without my payment. I’ve ever consumed, when using BitTorrent, around 1.5 – 2 Mbps for download rate. I could watch 2 – 3 movies every day (1GB / title). Don’t worry in the U.S. where the Internet is faster.

    About your last question, I don’t know what kinds of network service you refer to. But I think it should be the Internet, right? Here is around S$20 – S$25 (550 Baht +) for 3Mbps. The bandwidth in Singpore starts at 3Mbps. The 8 Mbps BW is around S$ 35 – 40 (1000 baht +). I think the price is cheaper than in Thailand. The main reason is that it starts at 3Mbps and the living cost can sustain the price. I think that the 8Mbps at S$40/mth is very cheap for me.

    If it’s the Singapore mobile service, the price closes to AIS.

  5. vunknown says:

    Sorry with ambiguous statement, I mean mobile service like AIS/trueMove/DTAC.

    Be surprised with 8 Mbps without payment, I dream if WiMAX coming I will experience with high speed service like that.

    Nowadays I use dormitory internet about 2 Mbps/14 room ,It’s slow sometime I can’t load google page, the price is 300 bath each month, I think it not fair.

    It really true that the price in singapore is cheaper than thailand, I have ever used 2 Mbps (not shared) I must payed 1000 bath/month but only 550 bath in singapore.

    Thank you for the answer, waiting for new article.

  6. javaboom says:

    The reason why I don’t pay for the Internet service is the fact that it includes in my housing price already.

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  8. Thanong says:

    Sorry to disturb, I would like to advise.
    I go Laos and use AIS SIM in Lao, Carrier Name in iPhone is show LAO. After I back to Thailand, Carrier is not change back to AIS, It still show LAO.
    How I can fix it.


    Thanong K

    • Hi Thanong,

      Sorry I’ve just read your question. Actually this article has been posted more than a year already (please see the posted date). Right now I don’t use iPhone anymore.

      I haven’t encountered your problem before. I don’t know the right way to fix it. If your iPhone was purchased from an official provider, you can bring it to the center.

      Another solution, you can find a software which can change the carrier name. Sorry I forget the name of such software. But you can look for it in the installer.



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