My Day and iPhone


Sorry I didn’t update ‘My iPhone’ section for a while. Due to my study, I have to read papers before choosing the PhD Thesis topic. About iPhone topics, Previously I had a series of them I need to post.  Basically most ones are very common in which many iPhone users know. By the way, I’d like to post them here to keep the log. Maybe! finally I could close this section if I don’t have much on iPhone topics. But don’t worry, I still update iPhone news if I have interesting ones.

Well today I like to talk about the talk time of iPhone. Generally I charge it every 3 days. How I usually utilize my pretty phone per day ? Well I listen a music for 20 – 30 minutes in the morning while going to school. Then I call my wife, who stays in Thailand (must say the one wife 🙂 ), for 3 – 10 min. Then I update my mailbox and RSS news via WiFi. Because the call rate here is very expensive, I communicate people in Singapore via SMS. For my chosen plan, it’s free 500 SMS / month. Hence I make a call if it’s much neccessary. Next I always use it to take photos when seeing good places/food/people/gadgets. When having freetime, I often play the game, “Labyrinth” (also see the clip above). This game is very fun in which we must swipe the phone to direct the ball to the goal, but be careful on black holes. When going back home, I either listening the music or watching some downloaded youtube clips. At bedtime, I either watch a movie or sometime listen a few classic songs. Finally I call my wife again. Well I use the phone for voice calling only 2 – 5 times, generally less than 10 min / time, so the power is not too much consumed to be charged every day. I miss one thing, I hear the fire alarm (as the clock alarm) before waking up every morning 🙂 . How’s about your usage ? I found some info on that metioned the fact that iPhone can deliver up to 250 hours for standby time while 8 hours for talk time. Unfortunately I cannot prove the later fact in Singapore, the 8-hours period is not cheap! while I can do that in Thailand! I miss Thailand so much.


4 thoughts on “My Day and iPhone

  1. I’ve played my friends’ N95. N95 is very different from iPhone. It’s just a phone+PDA. It’s my opinion, iPhone is a phone+computer not PDA.

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