The Next Touch


Let’s see a few designs of multi-touch products. Many people might see these stuffs before. I collected these things via Google by guilding the keyword “mactouch“.  I’d like to keep these stuffs on my blog. Then let’s see when Apple will release a kind of these things. Like it’s happened before, unreal iPhone was ever designed by someone , and then the real one has been released. The question is that what the name of this product is – MacTouch, MacBook Touch, TouchBook, iTouch, or iTablet.

The new version of Mac OS X might be released to support the multi-touch technology and the accelerometer control also. I found that the new version of MS Windows, Windows 7, supports the touchable screen more than Tablet Edition does, also see at blog.wired.comBallmer and Gates demo Windows 7. I hope that Apple might invent more fascinated products by using both multi-touch and accelerometer. They will be the new user-interface for the next generation of PCs, maybe not the next gen, but now.


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