We can touch (also trust?) the Windows


In fact I metioned this thing on the previous news – “The Next Touch“, but I’d like to talk about the other side. Those stuffs from that topic are unofficial and fake, just designs,  however I expect that Apple must release a kind of them someday. Let’s look a few incoming real multi-touch products shown above that running genuine Microsoft Windows 7. The advantage of Windows 7 is that it can run on any vendors’ compatible hardware while Apple’s OS generally performs on only official Apple’s hardware, except when Apple’s is open-source (e.g., Darwin). So we might see more kinds of products running Windows 7; that could be laptops, tablet PCs, kiosks, vizwalls, and (touched) screens; and produced by any vendors.  Finally I can (multi)touch the Windows but I wonder whether it could be trusted 🙂


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