One Bug on

Notice:  25 DEC 08 but the correct date is 1 DEC.

You guys know Delicious (or, right? It’s just a social bookmarking service. I was curious whether it’s bug or not; I couldn’t bookmark links with their correct saved dates, over my delicious. When I saved a new link, it was dated after 25 December 2008. Firstly, I didn’t notice. Then I looked at my watch and saw that it was just 1 December 2008. How the date was postponed to X-MAS! I was travelling to the future. Absolutely, It’s not.

Finally, I found that it’s just because of Delicious Toolbar (the add-on client for IE) provided by itself. When I use the tool, I encounter the problem; while there’s no such problem on the Delicious web. By the way, it’s an acceptable bug for me, even it’s a cute virus or another malicious code! I feel like going to the future 🙂

Also see my delicious @


Finally I found the reason why it caused this problem. Yes! it’s about  the Delicious Toolbar. But my PC also caused the problem too; its datetime was mistake. In the matter of fact, the toolbar uses a date for a bookmark based on the current datetime on our PC. In my opinion, the datetime should be set based on Delicious server.


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