Me, Cloud Cake, and iPad

Cloud Computing Cake (Thanks a lot krub P’Tip)

Me and iPad

I just celebrated my anniversary birthday (on Aug 5th). Thanks my dad, mom (who’s far away from here), sister, wife, naughty daughter, and all family members to stand on my side.

Thanks my cosup and Thai friends (= P’Tao, P’Tip, Yun, Sutt, and Mike) for the dinner at Kuishi Bo / Jurong Point. Thanks friends from PDCC (= Irene, Alan, and Jiangming) for the other dinner at Big Eater / Jurong West near City Harvest. Thanks P’Tip for the lovely concept cake Cloud Computing! That’s inspiring me a lot. And I would like to say Thanks to all friends from facebook 🙂

In this anniversary, the new iPad is another gift of the year 🙂

Unbox iPad, it’s 32GB WIFI model. I’ll review it here someday.

Pacman ?

Splendid! … very very happy 🙂


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