I’m an all-one-5-bit guy

Originally, at time zero, I started from a register with binary value “0000000”. Then the least significant biti (LSB) was set to 1 after the first 365 days passed. It is just a 365-day journey around the sun. One round-trip of the journey increases 1 to the register. Until now, the first 5 digits starting from the LSB were set to 1, i.e., “0011111”. It is the truth for most regular people that we cannot fulfill 1 to this 7-bit register. The issue what I keep in mind is only the journey around the sun. Absolutely, I have encountered both happiness and unhappiness in this journey. However, I am ok with the results of journey. I cannot control many factors that impact the journey. Although I cannot predict the number of 365-day round trips I will have, I will do my best for today.


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