Paper accepted in IEEE SC-BDA 2012

On last week I got a notification email about the acceptance of a paper that I am one of the authors. The paper will be presented in IEEE International Workshop on Scalable Computing for Big Data Analytics (SC-BDA 2012). This SC-BDA is the conference in conjunction with the 18th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2012).

The title of this paper is “A Demo Paper: An Analytic Workflow Framework for Green Campus”. Dr. Chonho Lee is the main author of the paper.  The other authors  are me (Sivadon Chaisiri), Bong Zobir, and Prof. Bu Sung Lee. In the SC-BDA conference, we are going to demonstrate a cloud-computing-based workflow framework developed by our team. In the paper, we presented details of an application related to “Green Campus” which will be solved by our workflow framework. This application can be represented as a scientific workflow which deals with a large amount of data (larger than 100GB). The size of data has kept increasing in which the data size was expected to finally be larger than a terabyte. To execute such a workflow associated with big data is our research work. In this work, several research issues need to be addressed. The details of this work can be found in the paper which will be available by this year in IEEE Xplore.


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