Short paper accepted in CloudCom 2012

Since January 2012, I have worked as a research associate in a cloud computing project funded by a Singapore government agency (A*STAR). Our project team has many researchers from different affiliations focusing on different research issues. In the project, I am responsible to design and implement a cloud computing framework for processing big data analytics through scientific workflows. We gave the name of the framework Cloud Oriented Data Analytics (CODA).

Last 3 months we wanted to publicly announce the development of the CODA framework. We wrote a 4 page paper to present the latest status of the framework and the future work that we will address. This paper (short paper of 4 pages) was submitted and accepted in IEEE CloudCom 2012. The paper entitled “Workflow Framework to Support Data Analytics in Cloud Computing”. The paper authors are me (Sivadon Chairi), Zoebir Bong, Dr. Chonho Lee, Dr. Bu-sung Lee, Punyapat Sessomboon, Tanakrit Saisillapee, and Dr. Tiranee Achalakul. In December 2012 we will demonstrate the CODA framework in this CloudCom conference held in Taipei, Taiwan.


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